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Safer workplaces make smarter and more profitable businesses

Adastra National Risk Consultants provide businesses and organisations during the entire UK with consultancy services on all aspects of Health and Fire Safety. Our consultants have some of experience and still provide safety and health solutions for businesses and organisations of all sorts and sizes.

Our services include:

Health & Safety Policy Provision
Fire Risk Assessments
Audits & Inspections
Risk Assessments
Fire Safety Training
Safety and health Training
Workplace Stress
Accident Investigation
The opportunity consequences in your business when Safety and health goes wrong

Your business could suffer substantial financial implications because of disruption, even possible temporary closure, if current safety and health policies are not in place.

A lawsuit might be brought contrary to the company and it is directors its keep is really a serious breach of safety and health regulations, if an employee suffers an injury or is involved in an accident or in which a customer may take a hit an injury / adverse complication due to the company’s operational negligence.
Business owners, Directors, managers and supervisory staff all can be prosecuted for infringements of wellness, safety law therefore it is crucial that these are paid by professional workplace health and safety. In extraordinary instances in the breach of safety and health regulations, staff responsible have faced judicial proceedings, have already been prosecuted and received prison sentences.
Important Safety and health questions your company or organisation needs to consider

Is my safety and health policy up to date?
Have i got a Health and Safety policy in place which complies with the most recent Government law?
Have Workplace Safety Risk Assessments and Fire Risk Assessments been accomplished?
Will i get advice from an authorized and competent Health & Safety Consultancy?
Will i know everything I will about Safety and health in the office?
Will the company do when it unintentionally breaches Safety and health law?
Will the company manage to manage any financial penalties?
Could it be worthy of the risk of being non-compliant
We believe that it’s vital that you understand each businesses health & safety and fire safety requirements individually and tailor a health and safety policy in your exact requirements. We don’t believe in causing you to buy something which you don’t need.

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