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Ways To Become A Yoga Instructor: A Seven-Step Tutorial

If you’re obsessed with yoga and wish to share this ancient practice online websites, read our step-by-step guide on the way to turned into a yoga teacher.

If you’re wondering what qualifications you’ll need, how to find your niche, and practical matters like the way to do your taxes, read our simple guide.

What does a yoga teacher do?
Yoga teachers are usually self-employed and it’ll certainly be a side hustle around paid employment.

Doing work in studios and fitness centres, yoga teachers lead classes that offer both mental and physical benefits. Keep in mind fitness classes are often on weekends as well as in the evenings, so you’ll want to be flexible with times you teach.

Typical day-to-day activities as being a yoga teacher include:

planning classes to fit an array of abilities
breathing exercises (pranayama)
supporting students to progress their practice
continuing to develop your personal knowledge and skills being a yoga teacher
marketing your classes and building relationships with studios and community groups
With experience you could also teach workshops, retreats, and one-to-one clients.

Yoga teacher training – skills and qualifications
To become yoga teacher you’ll must have a consistent home practice yourself before training to teach. It’s smart to have no less than two years of standard practice, or even more.

In relation to choosing a yoga teacher course, it’s really a little overwhelming with so many possibilities open. A couple of good things to ask yourself include:

where should I study? You could train at a local studio and have to learn the yoga community where you desire to teach, or travel overseas to completely immerse yourself inside your training without everyday distractions

what design of yoga shall we be held most enthusiastic about? You could choose ashtanga yoga teacher training, yin yoga, aerial yoga, hot yoga – the options are endless, but ensure it’s a mode you’re already regularly practicing

must i choose an extensive yoga teacher training or a part-time course? Intensive is usually 3 to 4 weeks of daily yoga practice and look at, while part-time lessons are often completed on weekends more than a six to 12 month period

will be the training certified by a professional body? As an example Yoga Alliance or British Wheel of Yoga (we’ll explain more about this below)

the way the courses be delivered? Connect with the teacher to see in regards to the balance of internet recordings, live sessions, individual study, and practical elements
How much time will it decide to use turn into a yoga teacher?

To train yoga you’ll should develop a 200-hour yoga teacher program. This certainly will cover asana (postures), meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiology, and the way to teach.

With experience you could decide to specialise further by completing pregnancy yoga teacher training or children’s yoga, as an example.
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