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About Subdivision Certifiers

Given that our beginning, Subdivision Certifiers Pty Ltd is centered on setting up a track record as being the top specialists in subdivision accreditation, supplying client powered final results along with a sleek technique which is supported with excellent versatility to the requirements of the business.

Subdivision Certifiers Pty Ltd prides itself on being the following technology of subdivision accreditation, providing mobility and dependability making use of a efficient assistance unrivalled from the Strata, Subdivision and Engineering Certification.

Subdivision Certifiers objective to work alongside an array of projects and clients to ensure we have been another era of Subdivision Qualification providing overall flexibility and dependability for that business.

With more than decade business practical experience, the accredited certifier along with a controlling director, Peter Shahatit works on tasks starting from big a lot including upwards of 1800 lot subdivision approvals, 600 model advancements to small scale improvements which include one into two good deal subdivisions and duplexes.

For more information about Subdivision Certifications please visit site: read here.

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