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The Power of Facebook Advertising

Social media was considered to be only for teens or for those searching for romance and relationships but that’s changed radically in recent years. Facebook has evolved among the very valuable resources to advertisers who are striving to reach a specific niche audience.
Facebook is the largest and most seen social networking online today is.
Not only is it a very favorite place for social interactions but also it’s becoming a fiercely aggressive advertising tool. Many entrepreneurs have started to tap into this valuable way of generating leads and sales for their companies. Research is revealing that the average Facebook user spends just over 6 hours a month on Facebook that is double the amount of time of its nearest competitor, Google. Over 50 percent of those users are perusing Facebook by a mobile device which means that you will find more than 543 mobile users searching for goods and services while on-the-go. Every day you’ll find over 3.2 billion items which are liked or commented about on Facebook webpages which translates into a very powerful mode of advertising for any business.
Consumers are becoming more aware of manufacturers and are remembering what they’re seeing over other online marketing averages. Facebook advertising is your catalyst for much more positive conversations about companies as well. More importantly, the 47% trust rate for advertisements on Facebook controls a respect and awareness of this tool that can effectively be employed to expand the most important thing.

When thinking about the most efficient way to spend advertising dollars, you should include Facebook advertising in your plan. It’s possible to connect to this exploding power to target new company, to generate high quality leads, and also to piggyback extra advertising strategies, like word-of-mouth marketing, to effectively extend your advertising currencies. An entirely new world of possibilities will be opened to you with all Facebook advertising.
Facebook advertisers are allowed to geo-target an audience by country which permits the advertiser the ability to limit or enlarge the message of the advertisement based on preferences that are selected. The majority of the countries on earth are now Facebook friendly that expands boundaries that after limited the sale of products to smaller areas and places.
One of the qualities of advertising with Facebook is the benefit of keyword attention targeting. This may better target an audience that is already interested in your ad before they see it. As an example, let’s say that you as an advertiser are trying to reach people that are doing home remodeling projects. When you enter the word home remodeling, then a list of keywords will be pulled up for you who are related to the profiles of consumers who listed home remodeling as one of their interests. You can then choose one or more one of these keywords in your advertisement to reach people who have those key words in their profiles.

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