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Programs To Record Internet Radio

With podcasting and internet radio programming exploding, a lot of folks are searching for tools that will permit them to record streaming audio. Here are four tools that may function that without you having to take AV class first.

Replay Radio. Replay Radio lets you record radio shows from the net, after which listen anytime, anywhere. It’s being a TiVo for that radio. You’ll be able to record whatever you hear, including streaming audio broadcast from Internet radio stations. 600 shows and 900 stations are pre-programmed, making recording as fundamental as point and click. You may even use Replay Radio being a general purpose recorder for archiving audiobooks, converting Real Audio tracks to MP3, saving music, monitoring online police scanners, recording from devices attached with your PC (like cassette decks or radios), or any other uses.

AudioStreamer. AudioStreamer will be the Internet radio receiver and recorder that permits you to take advantage of the a large number of radio stations on the net. While hearing your chosen radio station, you’ll be able to record any radio station you desire, anytime! Check out the the air, selecting a genre and also the preferred bandwidth, and revel in Internet radio! This Internet radio receiver also lets you seek out stations by keywords, like ‘top 40’! All radio recordings could be saved as individual tracks, and AudioStreamer automatically adds the correct MP3 tag towards the recording.

Cybercorder 2000. Cybercorder provides VCR-like recording for radio shows or any audio input. Recordings are stored on disk as WAV or MP3 files with optional audio compression in order to save disk space. Recordings could be played back by selecting the recording from the report on completed recordings. The customizable playback window allows to simply advance the recording forward and reverse various step sizes.

WM Recorder. WM Recorder is a great way to capture streaming Windows Media Video or Audio content to personal files on your personal computer. It’s great for videos, news feeds, streaming music, radio broadcasts, adult and subscription content, corporate webcasts, and anything else. WM Recorder is incredibly user friendly. Simply open WM Recorder, click Record, and play the video or audio you would like to capture. Files are saved on your PC automatically. It’s simple to watch or listen anytime, even lacking any net connection.

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