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Typography and the Use of Stylized Fonts

Movable type had to be set personally for over 400 years before typewriters and computers. It was not before the late 1800’s when automated type-setting became available. It is clear that Gutenberg’s movable typeset stood a huge effect on communication throughout the world.

Typography has advanced to the level an artist consider a wide variety of fonts for written communication or design elements. Typography is everywhere; it is seen on artistic layouts useful for publications and discovered on functional computer-based products such as telephones, fobs, and microwaves.

Since today’s software can turn typography into “outlines” such as Illustrator; or in Flash, the fonts can “break apart”–this too, was advancement for typography, because the Internet recognizes *digitally converted fonts* as artwork and never as typography. Digitally converting typography to artwork is vital to modern tools, because artistic or unknown fonts (not digitally transformed to artwork) don’t need to be changed into default fonts by end users’ computers.

Since decorative typography creates shapes in layouts, it could be arranged to be a focus or utilized to create texture. When decorative typography becomes the focus, it’s going way beyond what graphics can do in visual communication. Generally in most circumstances, graphic designs play second best to decorative typography particularly in layouts, because decorative typography becomes part of the written communication. Usually, the written word is easier to understand when comparing to graphic elements and editorial illustrations; and a lot often, graphics usually are much less precise even as desire them to get. Despite the fact that a picture will be worth one thousand words, misinterpretations of graphics are usually more apt to occur when compared to straight-forward written communication.

Web safe fonts are the ones which remain common along all versions of Windows, Mac, etc. Basically, these are generally text styles, which each and every user (regardless of their OS) can view. Strategies : web safe fonts that can be used to create your web site attractive and user-friendly.

To get a web development company, you should know the web safe fonts, which is often safely used. The reason being at times, users is probably not in a position to view the content on your website due to the font into it. Selecting the best typeface is essential as it influences the way readers perceive your website. Hence, you should choose fonts which are readable, come in tune with the character of one’s website and most importantly suitable for the largest variety of computers.

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