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How you can: Select a Good Modded Controller, Ignore All the Gimmicks

You will find there’s a lot of extra information available about Xbox 360 and PS3 Modded Controllers. Generally which is a good thing, but the problem is certainly not every one of the details are correct. Many of it is published by Modded Controller companies themselves and you know they are not likely to tell the full truth with regards to their products. This information will explain what each feature is over a PS3 or Xbox Modded Controller in order to make the best decision concerning your purchase before you buy.

To start, lets initially try to know generally how Modded Controllers work. Most, if not all, seem to be gonna have a Microchip installed which includes a Rapid Fire Mod. An instant Fire Mod is the Mod that can make your semi-automatic guns shoot like machine guns. It’ll turn a pistol into a fully automatic weapon. Rapid Fire is among the most common and standard feature. You may even hear a Modded Controller be known as Rapid Fire Controller. This is because the Rapid Fire Mod is so often related to them, people learn to refer to them as Rapid Fire Controllers.

rapid fire controllers xbox one ‘s pretty basic because like I said, almost every controller has that feature. It starts getting confusing if we speak about other Mods. Associated with because not all companies utilize identical term for what could be the same Mod. We are going to cover the most frequent Mods, tell you whatever they mean, present you with some alternate names your gonna see, and let you know whether that Mod is a “Must Have”, a “Could Do without It” or a “Gimmick”.

Rapid Fire: Like I said earlier, this Mod is most probably going to be standard on every controller. You might hear Rapid Fire called “Turbo Fire”. Although this is most likely not a choice on some controllers, we still give it a “Must Have” rating.

Perfect Active Reload: This Mod does precisely what the name says it can. When playing Gears of War, it’s going to automatically build your active reloads perfect each time. You’ll not hear another names for this Mod. This Mod can help once your playing Gears of War and their work just like real side affects for it. I give this Mod a “Must Have” rating.

Sniper Breath: Sniper Breath has become ever more popular so here’s period of time down on it. Sniper Breath can make your player automatically hold his breath whenever you aim your rifle forum in Call of Duty. This is nice as you don’t really need to concern yourself with pushing some other buttons when you’re aiming plus its nice because you are nearly always steady when you aim. The only downfall to the Mod is that almost all that tough to get it done manually. I give this Mod a “Could Live Without” rating.

Their you have it. Those are one of the most frequent Mods you are going to see today. I’ve compiled an extra list of Mods you will probably want on your own controller as well as the one I’d personally avoid them from. Of course, to make sure your final decision and a lot of it all depends about what style of player you’re. I’m just here to help let you know which means you come up with a better decision.

You’re safe to acquire these mods: Rapid Fire, QuickScope, DropShot, Sniper Breath, Mimic, Dual Rapid Fire, Burst, Quick Reload, Perfect Active Reload

Most likely don’t purchase these mods: JumpShot, Jitter, Auto-Run. Other things that’s not only list is most probably nintendo wii decision.

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