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A communication from the president…

Have you been struggling with anxiety, depression, dr robert cohen psychiatrist, feelings of hopelessness, relationship problems or other pressures of life?

Don’t suffer without moaning. The doctors and therapists of Southcoast Psychiatric Services might help. Caring, compassionate, and completely confidential, our services are offered by highly-experienced, licensed, and board certified medical professionals, focused on enhancing health and wellness.

Because no a couple are alike, the procedure we provide is thoughtfully designed for your personal needs plus your individuality. Our doctors and therapists listen carefully in your concerns, and together we produce and implement a therapy plan that will that you reach your healthcare objectives from the shortest time frame.

Regardless of whether you require medical treatment, counseling/psychotherapy or both, were very happy to provide best care available – anytime.
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Call us anytime @ (561) 241-6628
Because you don’t have to suffer in silence.
Respectfully yours

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