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Preserving alive history through handmade silver jewellery

Silver-by-hillTribe.com is a wholesale outlet for handmade silver jewelry online. Our silver beads and jewelry making components are handcrafted from 99% silver granules because it’s soft and malleable. Over time, we’ve learned that silver is in fact an easy task to mold into jewelry that’s atypical in the usual body adornments normally seen across the metropolises of our own modern world. Thankfully we view enough need for our silver jewelry over the years how the old methods we use have survived several decades, which experts claim has given us time for you to pass on to our children the learned skill of crafting this radiant yellow metal. Silversmithing has developed into a kind of culture for us-it’s why they refer to us as “Karen hill tribe silversmiths”. Nevertheless the name is way too long to say so we’ve shortened it to #byHillTribe-just and then we possess a simpler mention of who we’re. Therefore we invite you to definitely familiarize yourself with us a bit more intimately through our hadmade silver rings, and bracelets, and even better-incorporate our silver beads and toggles to your designs and discover yourself how our rustic designs can bring your signature look of your own personal creation.

Even as we pass down these perishable skills to sons and daughters, we’ve learned a huge number of methods to sculpt the silver by using just the machinery money can buy, and also by crafting the opposite tools in what is accessible to all of us naturally-like wood stumps and rocks. That’s where find our inspiration for the most part. So using what mother earth can offer from the environment and what our mind can conjure up in method of tools and techniques, our handmade silver jewelry might be produced with all the notion that every piece must draw out individuality and distinction. We do so by not forgetting our past as being a hill tribe folks who suffer from traversed the plains some time before the days in the Khans. For the people centuries without a written text, our history is recorded in symbols we give through our fashion and jewelry like some ancient symbolic language. That’s the reasons you see those unique marks known just to represent the “Hill Tribe” [but you won’t know which hilltribe unless you ask].
And like you-we are looking for some significance on the globe and that we want to make an effect others can see and call “good”. Therefore far we remain bewildered and wondering what else might be better [job wise] than crafting silver jewelry to adorn our beautiful people in spite of color or ethnicity.
#byHillTribe Silver is our manufacturer just for this handmade silver jewelry and jewerly making parts: rings, loose beads for making jewelry, toggles, bracelets, earrings, bangles, necklaces, pendants, charms, chains and chokers. Our company offers custom designing plus logo stamping in case you have a stamping-tool for us.
A high level jewelry designer or even a silver bead jewelry store, we should invite one to find out more on our wholesale silver jewelry at: http://asia-charisma.net
If you’re looking for eccentric handmade silver jewelry like silver rings or bracelets as gifts, go to our store here: http://silver-by-hilltribe.com
From a little hamlet within the deciduous forest mountain range south and east of Chiang Mai, Thailand, we at Nasai appreciate kind support and generosity. For without you, we might be going about life like the (not too good) events of old…

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