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Battle Tested Web Design Guidelines

Every professional website that’s successful has one thing in common: good web design. When you have someone visit your website, what’s the first thing they take notice of? The design of the website is visual and has imagery, and that is the first thing that helps to create our opinions and feelings. So if you want to make the right first impression and ensure that your visitors stay longer on your site, then it’s important that you focus on getting the smallest design elements right on your website. We cannot discuss all aspects of site design, but here are just a couple that you need to think about in relation to your site.

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Usability is extremely important especially as it concerns what you do with the navigation design. This doesn’t mean that you should squeeze in the navigation into your web design after it’s done, but rather it should be incorporated in it from the ground up.

Your navigation shouldn’t be confusing nor inconsistent, but rather should be in a flow. Your visitors shouldn’t need to search around to go from one page to another; one of the best web designs are all about user friendly interface where the user doesn’t have to think much. The navigation must be out of sight when not needed, or not thought about – but easy to see and use when it is needed. Placement of Content: An important design element is the proper placement of content on your website; your visitors shouldn’t have to be faced with large blocks of text that are unreadable. You want all of your pages to have content that’s neat and easy to understand. Too much unbroken text can be exhausting and off-putting, so use white space as much as possible to create a more open feeling. This especially applies to websites that are content oriented, where the value is in the content offered. The look and design of your content is actually just as important as the actual quality of the content, and will influence how long people stay on your site.

Any time you place graphics on your site, be sure to fill out the alt tag in the HTML. The alt tags will be a positive service whenever people who cannot see very well are on your site. That’s right; the search engines value the Alt tag and search for any keywords that are included in it. If you do not optimize for search, then it is still a great idea for vision impaired people. It is easy to write a line or two in the alt tag so the person knows what the picture is. Any time you have a graphic, including your header if there are pictures in it, then you really should fill out the alt tag. If your goal is to give your visitors the best possible experience on your site, you have to keep in mind that every feature, button, color, font choice, etc. will have some impact on the way your site looks and how people react to it.
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