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Intensive Spanish Course in Nicaragua for individuals or groups in NSLS Spanish Schools

American operated, we have six schools located throughout Nicaragua. Each of our teachers are native Nicaraguans and that we take great pride in helping bring employment to this poor country. Our teachers are all in their recently of undergraduate study or even more advanced. We work with students who will be anywhere from around beginners to advanced graduate students. The vast majority of our Spanish courses are one-on-one together with your teachers. We offer classes, homestays and every one of your ground transportation, materials and also some activities as long as you’re here. We have now packages offering stays by 50 percent or three different cities if that’s what you wish. You make your own personal itinerary!

NSLS supplies a range of methods of students, starting from studying inside surf capital of scotland- San Juan Del Sur to studying in the rural setting like Esteli Nicaragua, or any combination that include; Managua, San Juan Del Sur, Granada, Esteli, Rivas and Leon.

Managua – The capitol capital of scotland- Nicaragua is a superb contradiction. While it has every one of the comforts that most individuals know, it’s a normal occurence to determine a horse and cart chin-up next to you with a stop light. This city was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1972 and then ravaged by civil war within the 1980’s. It’s got return but nevertheless shows the wounds of time.

Granada – The town is probably the oldest in South america. The colonial look of Granada reflects the 1500’s if your Spaniards conquered this area. Each of the buildings continue to be of that time period, including many of the most fantastic cathedrals and government buildings. Known as the tourist city of Nicaragua because of its feel, it gives you a great setting to learn Spanish safely.

Esteli – This city carries a pleasant climate throughout the majority of the year due to its location within the north central highlands. The city can be encompassed by forested mountains and plateaus which go approximately 1600 m above sea level, some that happen to be protected as natural reserves. Tobacco will be the main crop here and it is grown because of the friendly climate as well as the financial gains it produces in the community.

Rivas & San Juan del Sur- These towns enjoys a strategic geographical position. Its urban area is usually a historical and cultural heritage of the us. Nonetheless retains its old center, that also is really a colonial church, even offers four parks, a museum of anthropology and historical background and beautiful beaches from the Nicaragua Lake and famous for surfers, people wanting sunbathing, games and relaxation Sea water.

Leon – It offers a similar colonial feel that Granada has but provides more around culture. This city was abadoned in the 1600’s from a volcanic eruption caused panic. People have returned which city boasts the top universities in the nation as well as the most well-preserved museums and artifacts accessible in america.
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