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Summary About Picking Kitchen Cabinets

When choosing kitchen cabinets, know your choices. From materials to cost, style and more, here’s everything you should know.
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Cabinets tend to be the dominating decorative feature within a kitchen, showcasing the homeowner’s design aesthetic and providing a backdrop for gatherings with family and friends.

Whether you’re beginning from scratch or giving your kitchen an upgrade, think about the variety of kitchen cabinet kitchen orlando alternatives to choose one that matches your taste, budget and DIY skills.

Kitchen cabinet materials
These vary greatly. The lamp of your cabinet is often constructed with plywood or particleboard, or sometimes MDF [medium density fiberboard] or timber. However, the doors and face frames are manufactured by combining wood, plywood and/or MDF.

From wooden to plastic laminate, the makeup of the kitchen cabinets impacts their cost, durability and search.

Kitchen cabinet construction
According to the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association (KCMA), all cabinets be a consequence of four forms of construction.

Traditional face frame construction is made up of horizontal rails and vertical stiles that supply reinforcement and mounting support. Overlay cabinets feature doors and drawers which cover the frames, while inset cabinet doors and drawers fit flush into frames. European frameless-style cabinets don’t contain face frames; doors are drawers installed on the sides from the cabinets using hidden hinges and slides.

Kitchen cabinet styles
Framed cabinets feature patterns and factors that display a conventional, classic or contemporary aesthetic, while the simple design of frameless cabinets defines a minimalist style. But whatever your design aesthetic, you’ll be able to customize your cabinets by switching out hardware.

These are the six styles of kitchen cupboards:

Shaker: Simple lines and flat-panel doors make these cabinets very easy to and also personalize on your style.
Craftsman (Mission): A simple cabinet style with tongue-and-groove joinery, featuring three vertical stiles for the door.
Flat-Front (Slab): These have single-board doors without frames, panels, ornamentation or beveling.
Beadboard: These feature vertical panels with uniform beads and recessed lines.
Handle-Free: Cabinets operate using groove, channel, lip or finger-pull functions, or by installing a push or tap latch system.
Raised-Panel (Traditional): Because the name implies, these offer raised center panels as opposed to the flat center panels you’ll find on other styles.

Kitchen cabinet maintenance and upkeep
Cabinet styles with deep crevices and details like beadboard are not as easy to wash and keep than a style with flat panels. Finish also determines simplicity of cleaning. A satin finish hides fingerprints as good as a matte finish, just like a paint sheen does on walls.
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