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Bio Oil Stretch Marks Cure

It’s not just for powering camper vans around San Francisco anymore! Word on the street is Bio-Oil is the latest and greatest stretch mark busting treatment out on the market, and the stories are running wild. Some are saying -“This stuff cures stretch marks entirely!” Others are saying -“It works okay, I suppose!” Still More -“It doesn’t work! Give me my money!”
So what’s the verdict on Bio Oil stretch marks treatments? What’s in it? How does it work? I will try to answer these burning questions below.
These ingredients offer an intense hydrating effect on the skin, which then can reduce the appearance of scar tissues, stretchmarks included.

What Bio-Oil does not do, regardless of the claims, is cure stretch marks or remove them completely. You’ll find references to particular 2005 Swiss-Union study as proof of the claims, however by looking a bit deeper you will see that participants of the study only revealed that the appearance of scarring was improved, not the scars had healed or decreased. In order to actually improve stretch mark scarring, a remedy that boosts the production of collagen must be used.
So does that mean it is worthless? Luckily, no it does not. Bio Oil makes for a great preventative measure against stretch marks, so those who will expect getting this form of scarring (such as pregnant ladies and bodybuilders) can find it quite helpful. And while it may not heal the scars you currently have, it functions very nicely in unison with goods that do boost collagen production, by assisting to provide a’double whammy’ effect. Using both treatments you can both lubricate and hyrdrate, which in turn will increase the potency of the other treatment that’s boosting collagen and stimulating elastin within the skin, thus cutting down the time it will take to heal the scarring.
So in conclusion, use your Bio Oil along with a great, proven topical treatment, and you just might find those scars reducing in record time, and also leading results

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