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How Should You Opt For The Ideal Pool Cue?

The selection of right pool decides how fast you discover the game and the way you perform with a biliard table. Numerous factors can assist you for making the correct choice on the list of available cues.

A swimming pool will be the main weapon you might have at your fingertips to win the pool war against other players. You may use a pool cue to a pool hall or pick one from your cue rack. Both in the cases, you must understand the skill to offer the perfect pool in your hand. Of course, if you’ve got started learning pool, it is much more important to choose the right cue. The sections given below discuss different factors that should help you decide on the best cue.

Level of comfort

The comfort with pool cues depends upon the type of play and hand geometry from the player. There are 2 main items that decide the comfort of messing around with a cue. Weight with the cue is the first factor, so you must not have a cue which is too much or too light. The next factor could be the thickness with the cue. Study on experts to find the cue with right weight and thickness.

Cue Material

Wood is the most common and the most chosen material for any pool. Fiberglass and graphite is also preferred materials of those pool equipments. However, you need to look at the material for individual section of the cue stick. As an example, carbon fibre, fiberglass and aluminum would be the common materials for shafts and butts whereas rubber as well as other soft materials bring wraps.

One-piece or Two-piece

Almost all of the experts suggest two-piece cues for pool as is also simple to transport. However, ensure that the joint forwards and backwards pieces doesn’t hamper the performance of your respective game. You might start out with one-piece pool and then exchange signal of the two-piece cue.


Another critical consideration ought to be the cue brand. A number of the reputed cue brands available for sale are Cuetec, Elite, Mayhem, Outlaw, Voodoo, Joss and Meucci. Talk about the reviews of those brands and pick the very best cue stick.

Length, cost and magnificence are a couple of other factors that may affect your option for any cue. Take into consideration all the factors to possess a right cue for the game.

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