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What You Need to Know About Spy Pens

A spy pens is simple to use. Everything one needs to do is point the lens towards the desired target and press the very best button twice and merely record video of who/what ever might be till you. It is really very easy to take advantage of and also the camera lens is very hidden from clear view. There are many of spy pens available on the market and folks have concerns when choosing a pen camera, below is an e-mail we from one of our past customers regarding their experience:

“I was swindled by an Amazon seller purportedly offering the identical 16GB pen camera, it absolutely was seemingly the latest model and everything. It, if you even call it that, was so bad it wasn’t even viewable. It was dark, grainy, hazy, responded too much to light, the resolution with the video was completely horrible- I could not see anything plainly. In order to create a viewable video I’d personally needed to remain absolutely still in order to avoid the video from being atrociously unstable. Plus, there wasn’t any sound recording in any way. As well as the video stopped tape-recording after 15 seconds and the photo dropped. Absolutely atrocious. What guarantees is it necessary from SpyCrushers that when I purchase your 16GB pen camera I won’t get the similar dud? Or possibly a cheap imitation? Are you able to please email me sampler video(s) taken using your pen camera? I seriously don’t desire to obtain a dud yet again and am seeking to buy something as marketed. That’s not me anticipating HD videocamera quality video within a pen camera / dvr, on the other hand desire something that is viewable.”

REALITIES ABOUT PEN CAMERAS: There are numerous suppliers selling pen cameras and so they all look the identical. The reason being that producers in China who make the internal pieces of your camera, utilize same housing to slice the expenses down. There are 3 factors that determines the quality of your camera.

1) Camera Resolution in Pixels: you’ll find 4 cameras which are utilized: 300KP, 1.0 MP, 1.3 MP & 2.0 MP. Even if your camera can record video at 1080p resolution, the playback quality will probably be fuzzy using a 300KP camera sensor. It’s like viewing the lowest resolution video completely in screen mode. It’s wise still fuzzy. These cameras are typically offered under $25. We do not offer that product. Our product records and displays at 1080p HD quality. and utilizes a 1.3 MP or maybe more camera resolution in pixels.

2) Recording Resolution: Not as crucial as your camera resolution however when even more than 1.0 MP camera sensor is done utilization of, recording at as little as 640 X 480 will probably be greater visually.

3) Reliability: Based on in which a supplier purchases from, defective rate may be from One percent to 30 %. We guarantee our spy pen cameras for Twelve months and gives a 30 absolute confidence asked money back refund or new replacement on all non-performing product. Our goal is 100% customer care.

The SpyCrushers 1080p 16GB spy pen camera is available on Amazon currently sale priced below $40. The spy pen are available while using the search phrase spycrushers spy pen inside any Amazon search bar entirely on any Amazon webpage.

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