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Maurice Jones – Kilo M.O.E

Maurice Jones popularly known through the stage name Kilo M.O.E has developed into a highly praised independent artist with rising nationwide recognition.
He’s a hiphop artist from Baltimore, Maryland. The Athlete Kilo M.O.E was created in Jersey City, New Jersey and his awesome hunt for self-expression led him down a brand new road to music.
He gradually changed into a renowned music producer, songwriter, rapper and businessman.
His stage name “Kilo,” hails from his notorious street period in Topeka, Kansas and “M.O.E” results in “Money over everything.” Kilo M.O.E started his musical journey just after ending his
long lived successful career like a fitness trainer and the body builder.
He received several bodybuilding awards and created reputable athletic career.
Having a career straddling over 20 years, Kilo concentrated only upon music and created six mix tapes, two debut singles with music videos and possesses performed live concert appearances within
Usa. About this day of the world wide web content publishing, his music has become streamed over a huge selection of thousand times.
After having a fruitful career as being a personal coach, he proceeded to setup his independent record label, On my own Grizzly or O.M.G Entertainment in 2012.
Since that time, his music has continued to achieve recognition in the nation.
His multimedia label is predicated solely on streaming and internet content distribution.
O.M.G Entertainment, inc., is situated in Baltimore, but came to be in Florida that has been designed with the foresight of today’s primary source for music revenue.

He’s a nationally recognized businessman and ASCAP member.
The business specializes in digital Multimedia publishing from the publishing entity “Tha Grizz Publishing”, marketing promotions and purchasers.
The record label is utilizing some exciting names over the course of the season. Since being launched, O.M.G Entertainment has changed into a new bread from the record companies. Artists set to light music world with the label…
Record Label O.M.G Entertainment, Inc. which was responsible for releasing normally the one Of the extremely Talked About Rappers On The Planet new album Secrets to The M.O.E, is pleased to announce they’ve some very exciting audio hitting theaters from April until September.
One artist to look out for on the O.M.G Entertainment label is Artist Hecdakid. Saving money Bay, Wisconsin born rapper and Hip-Hop artist began his musical career drumming and rapping with friends which encouraged him to learn crafting his on rhymes and songs. Since those conception he’s now mastered his craft and possesses be a fully-fledged musical artist with fans all over the world.
Hecdakid who was simply nominated for your MKE Awards Music Artist of year in 2016 is no stranger to performing and sharing happens and limelight with big named artist. He did a show for Rapsheet Magazine among the likes of Run DMC, Ice T, Busta Rhymes, Method Man and Redman, Gangstarr (RIP Fam!), Miami’s own the Zoe Pound, and McGruff. He’s got also performed in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dc, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Green Bay, The big apple, among others.
His two singles Irregular and CashTalk were well received by his fans, and today his new music that is available through O.M.G Entertainment is set to erupt the songs world.
Other artists set to produce music through O.M.G Entertainment include Washington States Own Pops Jr., Dallas Oak liff, Tx Native Mr. WHO??? Producer and Co-Writer on the Highly acclaimed “Keys Towards the M.O.E Album”.

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