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Learn how to make Fiberglass Statue

Fiberglass Statues offers several advantages over other material. It really is lightweight, so it can be transported easily and shipped inexpensively. It is usually quite strong which enable it to withstand sun and rain in the event the statue is put outdoors. Creating a fiberglass statue is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process, but it’s an excellent way to generate art pieces that may last for decades to come.

To generate fiberglass statue we mixing bondo with a few drops of fiberglass resin, and add the catalyst. The fiberglass undercoat takes about A half-hour to dry. Next thing is paint the resin mixture into the fiberglass base coat. Cover the resin with squares of fiberglass matte, ensuring the areas of matte overlap. We brush on additional resin until the fiberglass matte is soaked. Next step would be to let the fiberglass layer dry for Forty-five minutes or until it’s cool to the touch.

All of our statues is handmade and painted by hand with all the utmost detail. Being painted by hand each one of these will vary slightly. We personally possess a sales person for each to compare multiple shipping companies and give you the best possible shipping rate. We are proud of our customer care. Your stock life size statues colors may be changed to match your needs. We have a team of talented artists that can work with you to fit your needs. We’ve got made custom statues for multiple venues, business, and personal use using a huge satisfaction rate. Most people enjoy using a one of a kind piece. Each statue is custom crated for shipping to help you insure it does not get damaged in transport. We also offer bulk order discounts and direct shipping of containers from your factory. We’ve the ability to fill 20 to 45-foot containers and ship them straight to you. We have succeeded in doing so with multiple amusement parks including Disney. Come build your dreams become a reality!

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