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Bust lift Surgery Sydney

Fat grafting to the breast is often a safe and efficient approach to enhance your breasts with no foreign substance within your body. Fat transfer towards the breast is often a natural alternative to implants because it uses YOUR own fat from the thighs or buttocks ( Yes an extra!!) utilized in your breasts. Not only is an all natural procedure but fat transfer for the breast doesn’t include the additional long term negative effects including capsular complications, breast augmentations rotating, breast augmentations leaking and 15 year revisions ( which can be common!).

And so the main point is until you have dramatic weight-loss, your larger breasts are there to be permanently! As fat tissue is surely an organic substance your body has created, the body will not make an effort to eliminate it ( known as an immune response), your is very happy to accept your own fat any place in our bodies.

My patients might require One or two procedures to find the results they demand, i know this so when deciding the fee for a fat transfer for the breast implant surgery, i consider the tariff of potentially requiring 2 procedures. This way if a patient prefers fat transfer for the breast over breast enlargement, price do not possess to be this kind of issue.

Normally a patient would like to appear to be they have got had breast enlargements ( the perky american looking breast). If the patient wants the feel of an implant breast enlargement i quickly warn from the fat transfer to the breast procedure. Fat transfer towards the breast can increase breast size around 1 cup size, yes its a modest increase! which means this procedure is perfect for those who modest NATURAL results.

Also one should note you’ll find permanent changes towards the structure of the fat tissue, so it is often best for my patients to possess a mammogram ( or some form of radiological imaging) so i can document these changes. In Some patients this is often misdiagnosed as breast tissue growth ( cancers of the breast) , and further tests is going to be required just to be sure! but fat transfer for the breast does NOT increase chances of breast cancer, rather it could be misdiagnosed if proper documentation isn’t in place!

Another essential factor concerning the robustness of fat transfer to the breast is that i is a bit more Unpredictable than implants! as some of the fat will survive and some might not exactly , for this reason multiple procedure os fat transfer augmentation is required and my fee structure reflects this.
HOW DOES FAT TRANSFER Breast enlargement WORK?
1) Fat is harvested very gently possibly at the lowest vacuum ( much slower than regular liposuction).

2) Fat is used in injection syringes with great delicateness.

3) Body fat will then be injected to the breast in control into different layers in the breast tissue.

This ensure that the fat survives, if your surgeon is heavy handed and injects the fat in considerable amounts this can cause lower than desirable results.

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