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Blockchain Start-up Blockotel.com on banging up the £40 billion events game

Blockotel.com business model is B2B for the meetings and events sector while offering a ‘free venue finding service’ Finding venues for free for corporate events, conferences and meetings in the united kingdom and abroad within the corporate space. This could involve booking venue space for two main delegates to thousands including corporate housing ‘Accommodation’ on a regular basis these booking can differ in space from large conferences, to mini-events such as lunches and dinners.

That said, we will provide transparency on attendance records and deliver value towards the users, who will be required to have a tabs on this info as a way to remain compliant for business and organisations over a mutual trusted ledger called the ‘Blockchain’. As organizations are facing increasingly complex obligations from regulatory and compliance perspective globally. As an example, Pharmaceutical companies, being mindful of this, you can expect a collection of services in the Medical industry to Banking institutions providing full visibility of meetings and event attendees and associated spending.

The goal for Blockotel.com is always to launch a umbrella brand UK arm blockchain start-up and global tracking system which will use tokenisation (Tokenization, when used on data security, is the process of substituting a sensitive data element using a non-sensitive equivalent, termed as a token, which includes no extrinsic or exploitable meaning or value). The blockchain token will be a great chance to mix blockchain and also other emerging technologies to secure and optimize the procurement logistics. We’ve the data and expertise in our current legacy systems which enable us to make use of the blockchain supply chain and tracking with all the purpose of creating an immutable ledger that will track and secure meetings and events spend using meta-data and AI.

We now have previously received widespread support from major associations and c-level pros who had been interested in helping eliminate counterfeit or non-legitimate meeting, event, and accommodation bookings that bring about overspend or disregard for regulations and company policies. Our partnerships with key stakeholders from the events and accommodation arena enable us to spread out great doors to for existing and clients.

We’re going to offer rewards for trust, consistency, and transparency using the blockchain, Blockotel.com run by Jigsaw Conferences Ltd will offer you an umbrella service while using blockchain and tokenization to guide procurement and also allowing government, regulators as well as the public effective processes and techniques for 4th generation logistics in our safe, secure and encrypted immutable system.

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