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Might donuts and cookies even be healthy?

A firm called UltraVain is attracting healthier lifestyle lovers with their guiltless and many types of natural baked foods.
Costa Mesa CA July 13th, 2018 For Alina Lewis, UltraVain is like a new modern galaxy from the boring snack aisle. The UltraVain CEO was previewing her company’s offering of healthy snacks.
“We have fun. A year months developing recipes. We’ve been through hundreds formulations. It’s surreal to create people something totally new and slowly move the food industry forward.” Lewis said.
Only a several years ago, Lewis was a student of international business within the Czech republic who turned model after she met a photographer during the Prague fashion week, and moved to the United States to pursue her career.

“Everybody thinks it’s likely to be glitz and glam. And you then make it happen and it’s posing, waiting, and sitting in a makeup chair. It wasn’t to me. I want to to communicate my very own mind, develop and make, continue within my education and discover fourth language,” Lewis said. “Everything changed in November 2017. My better half were built with a seizure. Suddenly without any prior health problems whatsoever.”
Prompted to improve their lifestyle, Lewis began to discover low carbohydrate ketogenic lifestyle. “I destroyed my body thru dieting. Slow metabolism, hormonal imbalance and fatigue were taking a toll on me. I realized meals are a medicine. I’ve spent months educating about sensible food and new options. It became my passion and hobby.”

Over time Lewis began to experiment and make new healthy food choices combinations. “I went to a store to get some healthy bar to munch on. On the other hand left disappointed, all of them were elevated in calories, filled with sugars, chemicals, and a few mono-whatevers.” Lewis said, laughing. “It was an eureka moment.
Once i came home I started to build up my recipes. I became like, ‘You determine what? I’m so tired of these fake sugary products everywhere. Let’s make something real.” However the first months were almost impossible. “You must pay focus on all the info. And also, since I used to be against using sugars and chemicals, however i wanted protein within our products it made everything difficult. At times we had been over 16 hours in the kitchen. Developing and baking.”

Lewis’ found a business partner in their own husband, David Sebastian, photographer happy to help her and support Lewis’ passion. “There were some dark days while i what food was in a
hospital, and then she informed me in regards to the low carb lifestyle. I was immediately in. I experienced mental clarity, strength, and i also don’t feel like a drowsy zombie anymore.” Sebastian said.

With modern folks their minds and the passion for changing your food industry they turned to social websites and online, showing people the positives of your clean diet without regrets. Lewis said hello was ready time and energy to make vain foods – more-than-healthylooking foods. “No frauds. I owe my health to wash keto lifestyle. No more sugar withdrawals, forget about fatigue and bloating.” Lewis said.
The company is pushing to keep up with demand. “People love our cookie and donuts. We worked hard to produce them. The world thinks we can easily help visitors to achieve their dreams, and demonstrate to them that appropriate food choices is just not plain and boring or sugary ‘lab-trap’.” said Lewis.
It’s a goal on her and her husband but in addition tasty promise for healthy way of life lovers who never want just one taste.
UltraVain: Our products are vain AF. Vain regarding the ingredients. Vain about quality. Vain about wellness taste. It’s here we are at foods being vain, healthy & taste like
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