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Taming the market by using robots

We’ve been closely watching the Crypto Currency market trading when you can refer to it that, with all the fake data, fraud, and related problems. One thing stands out – it’s not so unique of FX, commodities, futures, or stocks. Market dynamics are market dynamics. And because so many readers on this fine site will already know – many traders lose. There’s been analysis done with this, we all know how this ends. A few early investors create a bundle and thousands or millions even are left holding the bag. From one perspective, a bubble is compared to a ponzi scheme. In MLM, there are several who amass wealth – the founders.

Unless you are the founder – how do you know which Crypto will probably be the subsequent Bitcoin? You don’t. You concept of. You can go to Korea and do every one of the required research you want, the fact remains that no-one can see the future or even a top analyst might be wrong occasionally.

Quant traders have the same doctrine they all share – they may be smart enough to understand how stupid they’re. They know their own flaws and they also undergo a better power- that is certainly Artificial Intelligence.

Computing power is currently so massive that it is possible that now you may from other own house office create a brilliant trading plan that does well. Naturally, just like the laws of market dynamics, you may also produce a robot which is worth exactly zero – a large pile of crap. When a quant makes an algorithm it’s either priceless or worthless. If it truely does work, he has effectively created a profitable machine. If it won’t work, there isn’t a value to anyone not really academics.

So how do you understand what method works, how to construct a practical bot or buy one? There are obvious conflicts appealing in those who sell bots. The internet has become dominated by good marketeers, while profitable quants mostly keep their ways of themselves. Selling a product, and trading a robot, are actually 2 different skills.

Crypto thus far has shown exactly like most markets: impossible to trade.

Although are kicking themselves because of buying and holding, I can tell you being a trader i speak for many inside the room there’s absolutely no way I would also have the patience to sit on a hugely profitable position for 3 years as the price goes parabolic.

This is exactly why quants develop and trade algorithms – picking entries and exits can prove to be brain-destroying. There are dangers and risks with robots too needless to say, but they’re of a different nature.

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