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The way to Score High for your USMLE Step one

You labored for the basic sciences and now you need to pass the USMLE Step 1 having a kickass score. Fortunately, the means needed for the The first step just isn’t as a huge since the 2 CK. All of it boils down to two resources: USMLE World question bank as well as the Medical for that USMLE Step 1 book.

The means overall:

Dr. Najeeb Videos

Dr. Najeeb videos is gold and i believe once you do not know anything, you should start watching those videos first before trying anything else.

Kaplan Videos

Kaplan videos are incredibly comprehensive, nevertheless they waste a lot of time reading off of the slides to you personally instead of drawing things out like Dr. Najeeb. The Behavioral science section for your Step one is perfect which provides excellent explanation of Ethics and Biostatistics.


Dr. Sattar, from University of Chicago, does a great job smoothly explaining the pathology behind every diseases. He provides an online video course and book to adhere to along.

First-aid for that Becker usmle

This should be your bible for that The first step because it posseses an outline for 80% of what will be on test. Consider this is not a book so that you cannot just open it up from page one and be prepared to read it smoothly towards the last page. However, be sure you write all your notes about this.

Doctor In Training (DIT)

This DIT course is excellent if you fail to figure out how to use Medical for the USMLE The first step. This program works well for heading back and forth and how along with what to annotate on the book to totally understand each and every concept.

USMLE World Question Bank

USMLE World for the Step one is the ultimate resource which is a must. Oahu is the most difficult question bank I’ve ever used but it reduced the problem get a full score about the test. This inquiry bank ought to be done simultaneously while doing DIT and reading the First Aid book.

These are the resources I oftentimes tried and that i scored a score greater than the country’s average for your USMLE Step one. It’s up to which resources you will use to review for the exam; however, you need to observe that USMLE World question bank as well as the First Aid for your USMLE The first step book is suggested to use. This test is hard plus it requires a considerable time and so you’ve got to be fully devoted to this test, such as you ought to breath, dream, and live this test.
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