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Patent – Making Your own personal Patent Drawings

In this article we are going to discuss making drawings for the new gadget you are hoping to get a patent for.

In most cases, using a physical item, the patent office will require you to have drawings to your item unless you use a working prototype. Just what exactly happens if you can’t draw a straight line? Well, today there are software that may do your patent drawings from india for you personally.

The specific situation you’re in goes something similar to this. You’ve just invented the greatest thing since sliced bread. You made some rough sketches as well as written a number of the patent application yourself. You’ve saved yourself lots of money by not hiring a lawyer. The thing left to complete is prepare drawings to go with your patent application. But you are no artist. What do you do?

Well, many inventors turn this part of the job over to a specialist draftsman in the price of $75 to $150 per sheet of patent drawings. When you have a number of these the fee can also add up in a hurry.

Fortunately, with technology advances, when you can carry out the patent application yourself you can also perform the drawings yourself also. You’re going to should try to learn some USPTO rules and also the learning curve is quite steep, however the rewards may well be more than definitely worth the effort. Besides spending less about the application itself you will also be able to prepare brochures for prospective manufacturers or customers. Also, because nobody knows your invention better than you are doing, you should have the best notion of what the drawings need to look like. By doing all of your own drawings you don’t have to show someone else what your invention is about. The entire process of sending drawings backwards and forwards for corrections is eliminated. Finally, you should have the satisfaction of understanding that you probably did the whole patent process on your own, which is quite an accomplishment.

There are various ways for you to create your drawings.

The standard approach is with pen and ruler in monochrome. Although this may seem old fashioned, it’s the least costly and it is actually how the patent office prefers them, nice and simple. You’re going to should try to learn basic drawing techniques to try this.

If color is needed to accurately represent your invention you’ll be able to submit color drawings. If you plan to do this you are going to have to file three groups of color illustrations. Then you’ve got to file a petition to describe why color is essential. Finally, you have to pay a petition fee and can include an announcement in your application that it includes color drawings.

An alternative choice is photographs. They are rarely used, only in instances where a suitable demonstration of the invention is not possible with drawings.

Finally, there is computer drawing software. The benefit of this process is you don’t have to concern yourself with drawing an upright line. This system can do it for you. Many drawing programs have 3 D image rendering which can make the drawing process not only easy but very professional looking. But that many of these programs can run you 100’s of dollars.
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