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Concrete Production isn’t just For Ready Mix Companies Anymore

Ask most within the construction industry and they will explain how when it comes to concrete, you get it from the concrete production company; it is trucked to the jobsite and place into place from the builder or contractor focusing on the work. It’s been the method to do business in construction for any long time, and thinking about the expertise to use and overall cost of purchasing and operating a concrete plant, this arrangement made sense.

Ask those on the cutting edge of the construction industry, those who set the trends everyone will ultimately follow, and they will inform you, that is not necessarily the situation anymore. With the advent of automatic controls, highly portable plants, and assembly line type construction methods the dynamic of producing concrete has changed.

Concrete plants have traditionally been large structures, sometimes containing mixers, water cooling and heating systems, admixture systems, along with other accessories. They’ve traditionally taken up much space, and required concrete pier or slab foundations. The price to disassemble, transport, and erect a concrete plant, even folks been considered portable is usually substantial enough which it hasn’t made economic sense to think about every other ways of getting Concreter Australia besides trucking it in from the concrete producer.

Companies like Peak Innovations are changing this type of conducting business. Their manufacturer product line includes innovative concrete plants that are designed to be transported behind a pickup truck, and erect on stable soil, while keeping a production rate and product quality comparable with any standard traditional concrete plant. In fact, Peak Innovations concrete plants abide by specifications essental to most state and DOT agencies, or may be modified for compliance if necessary.

Ultra portable plants like the Peak Max have already been designed to transport easily and hang in a few hours with no major site excavation and preparation. Plug and Play technology allows a plant operator to easily tow each modular component into position using a pickup truck, then connect the components together and to the automatic control as simply as plugging an extension cord into an outlet or attaching an outdoor hose with a spicket. And also by offering complete “turnkey” systems including admixture systems, hot and/or cold water systems, automatic control, batch office, and power generation and much more assembled and provided by one company, they’ve removed the culprit factor often employed by other companies each time a concrete plant breaks down.

Additionally, Peak Innovations has simplified the employment and production of concrete through providing complete operation and plant setup training each and every plant sold. Some of the new plant owners are trained on setup and operation in the factory his or her plant nears completion, while other are trained in the jobsite utilizing their own plant. The actual operation of the plant with all the automatic control enables the flower to deliver recipe specific concrete, accurately and consistently again and again with the easy pushing a control button.

Both concrete producers and contractors start to move toward the usage of ultra portable concrete plants like the Peak Max. Producing concrete onsite offers good things about all involved including the concrete producer, contractor, and eventually the ultimate project owner. By stationing a reasonable and simple to handle concrete plant in a job site a concrete producer is able to supply large amounts of concrete to job site without the cost of paying driver and fleet expenses of moving concrete back and forth long distances. It also lets them buy projects that might otherwise be from their service territory because of distance, remote locations, or any other obstacles.
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