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We are a symbol of Internet freedom and knowledge privacy

Let’s build the strongest free and trusted VPN on the planet! We all want to have an open global network where we are able to connect, communicate, write, read, watch, speak, listen, learn, create and innovate.

The matter

The greatest issue most users encounter is government surveillance programs and exploits used to gather quantities of data about every website you have ever visited, your sent and received emails, social accounts, chat messages and so forth. The Great Firewall is also a good example we’re against.

Even as fight for help people information privacy, we’re shocked that governments use their ability of censoring their citizens using what they can see, do or don’t.

We should keep in mind the afternoon that Snowden was a legend. With his bravery, the world changed, the principles have changed. He made his place in a brief history.

The facts

The simple truth is the most important thing. Nobody wants their bank-account or private conversations hacked, work related leaks, or personal informations sold to 3rd parties.

You might be the one that saw ‚Äúthis content articles are not available inside your country”. Yes, we know, this really is so frustrating. You are able to avoid geo blocking rules by helping us produce the biggest free and trusted VPN on the planet!

To make sure we’ve enough funds to build this project, we want to offer you a guarantee that you will be the first person to connect to the free VPN. So, for now, the VPN access is given to people who support our Indiegogo campaign. By doing this, the VPN service will become much more private and secure.

We are confident that this project will have a large amount of backers, because TOGETHER, we’ll build the strongest FREE and TRUSTED VPN on the planet!
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