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Our Top-Down Procedure for Mobile Development: Agile, Flexible and Efficient

Technologies have reached a place where it’s no longer hard to create a functional application. Rather, the problem lies in creating a valuable application that individuals wish to use frequently. Entrepreneurs are confronted with various choices from what you should develop, which development platform to pick, and to the key choice: who to formulate with?

With countless app development companies around fighting for shelf space and customers, the paradox of choice for individuals and businesses is further heightened while selecting a software development firm that only understands and shares their vision, but features a robust way of content management.

At AppStudio, through collective experience we know that If the digital agency wants to work successfully because of its clients, it must understand much more than just code and graphic design. We continuously develop and expand our industry expertise by gaining in-depth knowledge and a solid comprehension of the respective industry and its competitive environment which are vital factors within our success – plus yours.

Our Process

Requirements Gathering

As a way to create a user-centric application AppStudio knows that technical solutions must be driven with the underlying business goals, target audiences and processes, therefore, we practice & preach a top-down approach to app development companies in canada.
Traditionally starting with a bird eye’s check out the client’s vision; we further crystallize their idea by clearly articulating key features, understanding key stakeholders and creating an actionable roadmap for project delivery and success.

Risk Management

With the onset of the job, AppStudio collaborates with it’s clients to formulate a hazard management strategy by identifying potential risks that may hamper development.

Avoidance: Eliminating a certain threat, usually by reducing the main cause.
Mitigation: Reducing the expected value of your risk event by reducing it is likely that occurrence.
Acceptance: Accepting the results with the risk. This could be accomplished by developing a contingency intend to execute when the risk event occur.
We’ve built risk mitigation mechanisms into our process by adopting a versatile and team based method of development.

Project Management

It’s no secret that effective project management is among the most critical facets of the expansion process. Visiting a project through from start to finish and staffing the correct people for the position are necessary to meeting a clients’ goals.
All of us of engineers and designers operate in tandem using a dedicated product manager who may have the end to finish responsibility for project delivery. Through a rigorous requirements gathering process, we ensure that our team’s understanding of the item is in step with that relating to our client.

Key Advantages of this strategy are:

Increased customer support
Improved efficiency
Increased flexibility


The holistic method of development practiced by AppStudio is agile, deliverable focused and client centric. Our clients view a demo after every development cycle; this enables the crooks to monitor each development and assess the results by way of a live prototype thus enabling them to envision, modify and revise if needed, without wasting valuable time and dollars and most importantly without hampering the project plan.

Digital revolution is helping companies and individuals to rethink possibilities, transform their businesses and shape ideas into applications that generate value and seek to challenge the standard strategies to doing business.
The AppStudio approach permits us to create memorable digital experiences by minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency. To understand more about our process, and understand how it will manage to benefit your following project, speak to us today.

About Us

AppStudio is often a complete software design and development firm perfectly located at the heart of Toronto. We are pioneers in disruptive technology, having a core focus on Mobile and Web Applications. Which has a young, creative, Canadian team, we strive to collaborate with our clients to create truly memorable digital experiences. Whether you’re startup or Enterprise, we’ve got the means and price-point to service your mobile requirements.
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