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Studio one inch darlington rehearsal room has been professionally acoustically treated utilizing a mix of bass traps, diffusion blocks and angular wall strategies to capture the reflective frequencies, gaining an ideal rehearsal sound. We feel our darlington rehearsal room and difficult work has resulted among the best sounding rehearsal rooms in darlington. This room has a blend of absorption and deflection creating the perfect environment and mix for the ears. Also fitted having a purpose built low soundproof suspended ceiling designed for the smoothest audio transfer for that perfect sound in rehearsal.

If you’d like the sound dead for the perfect practice, it’s dead. If you would like it to seem to be a hall just add reverb using the lexicon effects. Yes it may sound amazing.

This room is outfitted with 60 SQF sound absorber on one side of the room. As a result the space sound real and reduces every one of the unwanted Ups and downs that standard rehearsal rooms suffer from. Bass booming and flutter echo don’t appear in this room. With this particular room, everything you play is exactly what you obtain, simple. No added reverb and awful high ceilings here.

All of our studios in darlington are equipped to the highest of standards. The PA systems are meticulously maintained and amps are top quality too. The spaces can be relaxed, welcoming and extremely pleasant to operate in. We seek to make our studios as inviting as you can.

This darlington rehearsal room is fitted with 4 professional (industry standard) sm58 microphones, by using working xlr cables. These mics will be channeled with the classic sound of the Soundcraft Spirit 1200W Power Station 20 channel desk with built-in Lexicon FX and dual 7 band graphic. This desk runs 18 xlrs inputs, jack and aux plugs experiencing 1000w JLB speakers with 2 Fender floor monitors. This desk also has the classic sound with the Lexicon Digital Effects Processor built-in and available for all 20 channels.

<img src="http://dl4.joxi.net/drive/ rehearsal in darlington /08/28/0017/1100/1176652/52/4fd3f0c08d.jpg”>

Full drum kits as part of your room hire – All Amplifiers, cabs and drum and cymbals come within the room cost.
Drum Breakables also.

Soundcraft Spirit PowerStation 1200W 20 Channel PA – with JLB – MTA speakers
Built-in Lexicon FX and dual 7 band graphic EQ
2 JLB (MTA) speakers + 2 Fender Floor monitors
Pearl Export Series 5 piece Ferrari Red drum kit, Zildjian cymbals, crash, ride hats.. etc.
4 sm58 Microphones + 4 xlr Cables + 4 Microphone Stands (just ask for more Mics/xlrs if needed)
Fender Guitar amp
Marshall Guitar amp
Vox Guitar amp
Ash Down EVO 500 Bass amp
Calrlsbro 180 Bass amp HH Speaker
Colt 4 Channel Keyboard amp
Technics Piano/Organ/Elec Piano 3 cool drawbar Organ sounds with sustain and Lessie effect ish!
Aux in for I-Phone/android input to desk or simply just use Bluetooth from your phone or tablet to the desk
Bluetooth Sound Bar (Easy to connect)
Toilet W/C
6 twin power point sockets
Cool Lighting
3 Electric Heaters
Large Fans – (Ac not far off!)
Well suited for larger bands, Choirs, Duo’s, DJs etc.

Darlington rehearsal room available is a large way to obtain cables, connectors, XLRs, spare guitar cables, stereo leads etc. Only if yours is faulty, or you let it rest at home. We’re not here to produce leads for your every rehearsal. We even have a couple of guitar straps, guitars/bass and even a left handed bass kicking around if needs be. We possess a whole plethora of fine details available the studio that you might need.

The whole equipment within our practice room darlington has been certified by

Access – For easier loading in and out, Rehearsal room one is found at street level with stair free usage of our private car park just a few steps away from the rehearsal room

For more info about band practice darlington explore the best website.

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