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Thanks for visiting Premier Sleep Solutions

At Premier Sleep Solutions, we understand that snoring and sleep apnea tend to be than just a nuisance. From lack of sleep, to high blood pressure levels, to relationship problems, these complaints can have serious real and mental effects on those around them. We are able to help.

As being a an affiliate the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine for the past seven years, Dr. Shad Morris has treated individuals with sleep apnea, CPAP intolerance, and snorning. Overwhelmingly, what he saw in his patients was obviously a shared a sense frustration.

The beginnings of Premier Sleep Solutions started when Dr. Shad L. Morris began observing the toll that osa (OSA) was dealing with the oral health of his patients. Specifically a friend and dental patient whom he treated suddenly passed on in his sleep from osa one night as a result of not wearing his CPAP.

Dr. Morris decided he planned to assist saving lives through treating OSA. In taking many training courses on OSA, combined with the trained staff, Premier Sleep Solutions is now saving lives daily. His involvement in sleep medicine turned from primarily screening for how to lose weight with sleep apnea to now having very close relationships with sleep physicians and allied physicians locally for this condition.

Premier Sleep Solutions is happy with the direction that sleep drugs are taking and now we believe that we have been positively contributing to the awareness and treating this under diagnosed disorder. Through good communication with this patients with our multidisciplinary team of allied physicians and physicians, we look to own positive results in helping to manage this serious disease. -Dr. Shad L. Morris
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