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Getting Splendid Photos Together with your RC Drone?

Most of the time, if you wish to take splendid photos, you must prepare a superb RC drone using the professional shooting function. Or over Air UPair-Chase is unquestionably an outstanding product. Her high-end configuration of your Sony 12-megapixel resolution camera, that allows capturing high-quality pics and vids. This post involves four aspects, including the appearance design, camera, battery and remote controller.

Appearance Design and Shows

This RC drone has the overall white color fuselage with a unique U-shaped anhedral design. Besides, four-axis stabilizer blades ensure stable flight. However, there’s a missing point it makes a little noise once you fly it. Moreover, it really is configured with a 2-axis gimbal with HD camera. Aside from that, it really is created from special PC plus ABS composite materials. Most of the time, it’s slim structure, in fact it is transportable with strong materials.


The true secret feature on this system is the high quality of pics and vids it shoots. It comes with a Sony 12-megapixel resolution camera with Backside Illumination CMOS, that helps 2K and 4K HD video shooting. Also it enables you to shoot eleven photos continuously within one second. Most significantly, the time-lapse photography function permits you to capture spectacular footage.

Moreover, every one of the shooting dji drone may be shipped to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, so you can share the exciting moments with families and friends immediately. Built-in parameters like ISO, sharpness, adjustable colors help you to achieve different shooting effects as per the scenes.


It is internal a big capacity 5,400mAh Li-Po battery, that helps approximately 25 minutes flight time. If it is beneath the full-load condition of 1350 grams goods, it helps having about 19 minutes flying. Designed with LEDs display real-time battery level, it uncovers the battery status.

Remote Controller

Due to the remote controller, it has a good ergonomic design, which provides you more comfortable manipulations. Moreover, it has a 7-inch LCD large screen. In addition, the max remote distance is 1 kilometer.
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