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Genocide victims

Donald Margulies’ play, The Model Apartment,Directed by Marya Mazor, Featuring Giovanni Adams, Marilyn Fox, Michael Mantell & Annika Marks are at Geffen Playhouse.

This is a poignant drama that lingers following your final curtain. Unfolds with subtlety and surprise says LA Weekly, and Theater Mania, says “The talented four-person ensemble draws the audience into this tragic and relatable drama.”

Max and Lola are retiring to Florida, desperately looking to live their golden years in relaxation and respite. Though the life they have left out quickly comes calling, plunging their deluxe seaside condo in to a nightmare tinged with the brutality of their past. We come back to an early work by Pulitzer Prize winner and Geffen Playhouse favorite Mental Illness (The united states House, Time Stands Still, Dinner with Friends) on bearing witness to some haunting ancestors and family history.
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