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8 Important Information about FreshKon Cosmetic Lenses That you can Know

1. Are Freshkon Colors Fusion contacts natural searching?

Yes. They’re are available in unique 3-tone colors that replicate natural depth and dimension of truly beautiful eyes.

2. How could i understand which colors would be best fitted to me?

Always choose colors that are best using the shade of your iris, hair, skin tone, make-up which uber-chic outfit you are putting on. Freshlook Illuminate has something appropriate for each occasion, whether you are feeling sweet and adorable, or sensuous and romantic, or glamorous and sexy or simply fashionable. Well, try these? Click the link to find the dazzling colors available!

3. Is one able to placed on Colors Fusion basically have perfect eyesight?

Yes. You need to use non-powered (plano) contacts. These contacts was made in case you don’t require any vision correction or individuals who’ve short-sightedness from power -.50 to -10.00.

4. Do i need to have a prescription to use cosmetic contacts regardless if I’ve perfect eyesight?

Yes, you continue to you need to meant for the contacts even though you may do not require vision correction as contact contacts are known as medical products. Even when you not one of them vision correction, it is necessary that your skills-care specialist confirms proper fit and defines a wearing plan a good vision and overall eye health.

5. Why choose FreshKon Colors Fusion?

Release your true color. FreshKon Colors Fusion contacts employ unique 3-tone colors which reproduce the depth and dimension of naturally beautiful eyes for the naturally vibrant look. In addition, these contacts use hydrophilic ink technology to make certain nothing under sheer comfort should you got some and grab attention wherever you go.

6. Will putting on color contact contacts affect my vision?

No. These contacts only changes large in the iris and won’t affect your eyesight. The optical focus the centre is transparent which is sufficient to provide obvious vision.

Some wearers can experience blur in peripheral vision when donning color contact contacts the 1st time. It is normal for color contacts that’s as a consequence of modifications in the amount of light that makes its way into the interest. Up your eyes will most definitely improve after your eyesight conform to the modifications. If you see a ongoing improvement in your eyesight, speak with your Eye Care Professional.

7. Will the colours fade as time passes?

No. All FreshKon Colors Fusion contacts are very designed and susceptible to strict quality inspections, ensuring lasting colors inside your contacts.

8. How must i take care of my cosmetic contacts?

Care for your cosmetic contacts as you would for just about any other soft contact contacts. Most Dual Purpose Solutions for soft contacts are ideal for cosmetic contacts. Don’t utilize peroxide-based cleaning solutions. We advise FreshKon Obvious i Dual Purpose Solution, an exciting-in-one solution that caters particularly to all forms of soft contact contacts, including color and Silicone Hydrogel contacts. FreshKon Obvious i Combination Solutions provide lengthy lasting comfort, are friendly towards sensitive eyes and still have an anti-microbial and anti-yeast effectiveness*.

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